My brother,

Mentoring is an essential element within the Craft. Through it, we mold the initiated and prepare him for his ultimate raising as a Master Mason by explaining the finer points of the ritual and getting the Brother ready for the examinations of the degree work. At various points in my life, as a mentor, I never sought accolades. Watching my charges succeed whether it was on a ballfield in little league or at work with a summer intern was good enough for me. The same holds true for those winding their path through the lessons of Freemasonry. The mentored gains in the knowledge that they are being cultivated by someone who has been down the same path they are traveling. When I look back on my own development, I think of the men and women who mentored me, teachers at all levels of my education, giving me a little push to better myself and performing their duty with pure altruism. I like to think that their efforts were not in vain. When a Brother seems to be in need of some nurturing in the ritual, "pay-it-forward" and lend him a hand.

Robert F. Dunn, Worshipful Master